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You can order medicines on Apollo Pharmacy by either of the below-given ways

  • E-Prescription

  1. Get an online consultation with the required specialist

  2. You'll get an e-prescription after a successful consultation in the chat room

  3. On the e-prescription, click on the ‘Order Meds & Tests’ tab

  4. The prescribed medicines will be added to your cart

  5. Place the order by selecting/entering your address and payment method of choice.

  • Prescription Document

  1. Take a clear picture of the prescription

  2. Go to the ‘Buy Medicine’ section, select the ‘Upload Prescription’ tab and click ‘Choose from Gallery’

  3. Then choose a delivery address and click on the ‘Submit Prescription’ tab

  4. Your prescription will be verified at the backend and the medicines will accordingly be added to your cart.

  5. If there is any confusion related to your prescription, you will receive a call from our pharmacy team for clarification.

You can also, go to Medicine and select Upload Prescription and click Take a Photo.

Any medicine that is marked ‘Rx’ on our platform (website, app), require a prescription without which it will not be dispensed. If you do not have a prescription but wish to purchase the ‘Rx’ marked medicines, you can click on the ‘Consult A Doctor’ tab to consult and obtain a prescription. Once you have the prescription, you can directly purchase medicines from Apollo Pharmacy by clicking on the ‘Order Meds & Tests’ tab. Please note that you do not need a prescription to buy over-the-counter (OTC) medicines.

As per government regulations, any prescription that contains the details of the doctor, patient, medicine, prescription date, and doctor’s sign/stamp is valid up to 6 months from the date of issue.

After buying your medicines or any healthcare products in general, you will be provided with an invoice only at the time of delivery by the assigned delivery agent. However, you can check your order summary in the app/website by following the given steps.

a) Click on ‘Buy Medicines’ tab on the homepage

b) Select ‘My Orders’ tab

c) You will see the list of all the orders placed by you

d) Select the order for which you wish to see the invoice summary

e) Click on the ‘Order Summary’ tab to view the invoice

You can cancel your order by following the below-given steps –

  1. Visit the ‘Buy Medicines’ tab on the homepage and click on ‘My Orders’

  2. Select any recent order, and you’ll be directed to the order page

  3. Click Vertical Icon (⁞) and then on the ‘Cancel Order’ tab.

  4. A dialogue box will appear on the screen.

  5. Select a reason for your cancellation and click on the ‘Submit Request’ button.

For any update on your order such as delivery date and time, you can get in touch with our customer service at 1860-500-0101 or email us at onlinehelpdesk@apollopharmacy.org with your order details.

You can pay for your medicine orders by any one of the given ways – Debit/Credit Card, Netbanking, Paytm Wallet, UPI, and Cash on Delivery (COD).

Absolutely! To reschedule your order, you can call our helpline number at 1860-500-0101.

To track your order, just click on ‘Buy Medicines’ followed by ‘My Orders’. Then select the order and click on ‘Track Order’. The status of your order will be shown to you.

Definitely! You can use the ‘Upload Prescription’ option to upload prescriptions from other service providers other than Apollo Pharmacy and purchase medicines.

To download your e-prescription generated during an online consultation, use the download button denoted by the symbol (↓).

You can upload a prescription either by clicking on the ‘Buy Medicines’ or ‘Health Records’ tab. Under both these tabs, you will find the ‘Upload Prescription’ button.

Prescriptions are valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

Your prescriptions can be rejected due to the following reasons:

  • Prescription has passed its validity date (6 months from date of issue)

  • The picture of the prescription is unclear.

Your order may be delayed due to a number of reasons such as stock unavailability, shortage of staff, higher demand, etc. If you wish to find out the exact reason for the delay, you can get in touch with our customer service at onlinehelpdesk@apollopharmacy.org.

Reach out to us at onlinehelpdesk@apollopharmacy.org with the pictures of all the items you received along with the invoice and we will get it checked from our end.

Don’t worry! Just get in touch with us at onlinehelpdesk@apollopharmacy.org with the images of the damaged products and we will ensure that you receive a replacement or a refund for the same.

You can email us at onlinehelpdesk@apollopharmacy.org for any issues you face with the payment.