Cult Gaia

Anchored in an ethos that says everything is art, LA-based label Cult Gaia transforms traditional notions of design with a capsule collection of accessories, shoes and apparel that blurs the line between utility and art.

Following the debut of Cult Gaia’s ‘Ark’ bag, the brand quickly catapulted into cult-like status, with it-girls from every corner of the internet carrying the bamboo bag. With a distinct architectural quality, each piece is an Objet d' Art, formed with sculptural silhouettes that would not be out of place displayed against the white walls of a gallery.

With heirloom-worthy designs made to be passed down and enjoyed for generations to come, Cult Gaia values quality over quantity, with a small range of considered shapes and styles. Handmade with a masterful artisanal eye, each handbag draws inspiration from the natural world, with nuanced and unreplicated detail that is inseparable from the feminine.

Artfully made from marbled resin and natural bamboo, Cult Gaia’s designs are underscored by sculptural silhouettes with strong, stable constructions. Pops of bubblegum pink, pastel blue, and jade green are the hallmarks of each collection, with the unexpected clashing of colours lending a playful touch to even the most conservative of sartorial palettes. Statement earrings take form in tortoiseshell resin and amber hues, with hoop silhouettes and dropped designs. Carry a Cult Gaia bag and you have an instant talking-point — whether you’re perusing the Sunday markets or looking to add a final touch to your evening edit, Cult Gaia’s array of mini, medium and large bags are the plus-ones you can count on.

Leather sandals and strappy heels channel sun-soaked visions, white textured leather mules and sleek silhouettes flirt with after-dark design. Perspex block heels and transparent resin spherical shapes play with proportions in a reimagination of minimalist-meets-maximalist style.

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