Compression Sportswear

Accelerate your athletic performance with compression at The ICONIC. With a selection of compression tops and bottoms, from renowned brands like 2XU and Nike, that absorb sweat and increase oxygen delivery to muscles during activity and post-exercise recovery, our range will also work as the perfect element to prevent strains and chafing.

Compression sportswear is designed to keep muscles warm, prevent strain and fatigue and reduce exercise-induced muscle damage – all while increasing strength and power. Look to our collection of arm and calf sleeves, tops, shorts, tights and socks, to multiply your performance.

Whether competing in a tournament or pumping weights at the gym, our range of arm sleeves will increase circulation and reduce muscle fatigue. For enhanced power to the shins and reduced damage in lower legs, invest, too in our high-performance calf sleeves.

Designed to wrap and support key upper body muscle groups, our compression tops are designed to improve core body control and power, while increasing freedom of movement and eliminating moisture. Wear your compression top with compression tights or shorts, for maximised flexibility, movement and support.

Compression tights are designed to add a higher degree of pressure to the abductor, gluts, quads, hamstring, and calf muscles. Graduated compression will increase bloody circulation, improve recovery and reduce muscle soreness. Wear yours under lightweight shorts, and pair with a graduated compression top. 

For extra support to the shin, calf, ankle and arch of the foot, compression socks are an essential. Strategically placed fabric zones wrap the heel and ankle, for maximum muscle containment in the lower leg. Paired with a compression top, tights and arm sleeves, muscular power and strength is improved, and recovery enhanced.