Neuw was started by three friends from Melbourne & Stockholm with a shared fascination for premium denim and alternative music.

Their dream was to bring quality denim out of the history books and into the 21st century. To make jeans for young musicians, creatives, originators & trailblazers. Those who want denim that will last tonight, tomorrow, & the best times of their life.

Founded on a need for originality, independence, and unfiltered youthful expression, Neuw Denim is inspired by the history of workwear; quality, durability, craftsmanship - re-made, re-designed and reinterpreted for a modern generation.

All of Neuw's denim is designed with one clear objective; make the best jeans, using the best fabrics. Jeans they love and want to wear, jeans their friends love and want to wear, and most importantly, jeans you will love and never want to take off.